VWP Victoria Wool Processor

About Us

Established in 1990 by Mr Jim Kim, VWP has continued to evolve and modernise both its overall business of trading wool internationally but more importantly the way we process wool.

As the Australian wool industry has lost all but a few remaining ‘boutique’ wool processing plants, VWP has continued to expand and improve its productivity. Installing the latest technology combined with our ‘own’ internal engineering initiatives owe pride ourselves on both our productivity rates and our optimisation of both power and water which enables us to remain competitive in the textile industry which has largely been relocated overseas in search of cheaper ‘production’ costs.

In 2002 we relocated to a completely new site constructing a new factory, office and warehouse purpose built to suit our expanding business. Since then modifications have been regularly made ensuring we can continually deliver on our belief that our product is absolute first class, a reputation we have gained and maintained.

Although trading and processing carbonised has been VWP’s business focus over 30 years we also offer a comprehensive greasy fleece buying service for both firm offer and indent buying. Our customers enjoy a friendly yet professional service that always delivers.


Victoria Wool Processors

Scouring & Carbonising Plant
38-44 Dohertys Road, Laverton North, VIC
Tel 61 3 9369 0499 | Fax 61 3 9369 0599
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