VWP Victoria Wool Processor

What We Do

Victoria Wool has evolved from not just a raw short wool processor but can also offer a full service greasy wool supply for both combing and carding types. With strong representation across all Australian selling centres and links to a diverse private buying network we are able to source wool that suits your needs, always at a competitive price. Developing mutually beneficial relationships with customers who demand a comprehensive and dependable service has been central to building our already strong customer basis.

Whether it be developing the perfect carbonised or scoured product for your needs or the desire to buy the correct greasy wool for your processing needs then please consider VWP for the ultimate ‘ wool experience’


Victoria Wool Processors

Scouring & Carbonising Plant
38-44 Dohertys Road, Laverton North, VIC
Tel 61 3 9369 0499 | Fax 61 3 9369 0599
Email vwp@vwp.com.au